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Marmi con Vista

the meeting of the engineering skill of Robert Albanese, legal representative and founder, and the knowledge of styles of Louis Pucci, coming from the major Italian fashion brands, has been reflected in what is now known as Marmi con Vista , line of business Roil Srl, a company established in 1987, qualified in realization of valuable properties.
The search for quality materials, before choosing and then the experience, have characterized the constant use of marble for the prestigious construction projects.

Marble is derived from the ancient greek mÓrmaron which means shining stone.

In the centuries of history, this noble and appreciated element of the earth has always maintained a leading position whenever you wanted to give light, splendor and luxury to any setting, whether in sculpture, both for the architecture and for the interior decoration. The idea comes from the amphitheater Flavio, better known as the Colosseum, which for over 2000 years is admired for its coatings in travertine.

Marmi con Vista has selected the best travertine stone of the Mediterranean basin, using the Italian style which combination of history and future. The luxurious creations of sinks, tubs, showers, floors, marble and travertine, are conducted on study and design of Marbles with Vista that have earned favorable international success also. Our company is able to satisfy every need while ensuring the highest quality of workmanship, with the care and attention to detail of the craftsmanship.
To achieve these masterpieces is only necessary that man's ingenuity milling from a single block of marble is able to give shape to his imagination without the use of sophisticated technologies of great energy expenditure.
Appreciate such objects means feeling part of the planet and love it for what it offers.

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